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Trivia Tuesday Mar 13 2012 Question #3

Remember answers must be posted to this blog to count, and you only get one chance to answer the question correctly.  If you answer more then once any subsequent responses will be deleted.  Only one person per household may attempt to answer as well. This final question is for a $25.00 gift card to the Olive Garden. What is the official Emblem of Ireland? Hint: It’s not a shamrock.

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9 Responses to “Trivia Tuesday Mar 13 2012 Question #3”

  1. mike says:


  2. mike says:

    Claddagh sorry spelled first one wrong or u looking for the oldest one which is the heart

  3. jessica shoemaker says:

    the harp?

  4. mike says:

    Celtic harp

  5. Rob Gilsdorf says:

    The harp

  6. eric schlager says:

    The harp