Meet Our Team

Rob Montgomery

For many years I worked in the antique automotive industry. I worked on and sold many famous trucks to local businesses such as Wawa Dairies, Tastykake Bakery and Ziamatic Corp. which were featured in movies, commercials, and company functions. After that, I entered into the home improvement business and have had years selling windows, siding, and patio rooms.

Home Improvement Consultant
29 years in home improvements
Golf, coaching sons' softball team.
Biggest Achievement
After being faced with end stage renal failure and spending five years on dialysis, I received a kidney. I've been able to get myself back to work with the love and support of my family and of many great people I've met over the last 6 years. Most especially with the help of one special person that gave me the gift of life.
Favorite Charity
Gift of Life