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We are a green home improvement company.

We know how important the environment is. Builders continue to look for ways to reduce our industry’s impact on the environment while meeting customer demand for products that deliver beauty, comfort and performance. P.J. Fitzpatrick, Inc.’s commitment to responsibility is reflected here highlighting our ongoing effort to become the preeminent contractor of sustainable building products.

Green Products We Install & Sell:

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PJ Fitzpatrick a Green Material Company
Therma Tru


Making Homes More Comfortable. We are proud to offer Therma-Tru ENERGY STAR qualified entry doors that help save money on utility bills, increase the comfort of your home and help the Environment. Ask For Our GREEN Therma-Tru Doors!

  • More durable and energy efficient than wood doors, fiberglass doors represent a significant savings in precious natural resources.
    Many of the wood products used in our door frame components come from managed forests.
  • Therma-Tru’s proprietary AccuGrain Technology on Classic Craft styles captures the fine detail of genuine, high end wood doors without harvesting endangered wood species such as Honduran Mahogany.
  • Use of recycled products such as wood chips and plastic bottles for the composite materials used in the top and bottom of the doors.
  • All Therma-Tru facilities take special measures to ensure that employees and processes recycle waste products.
Green / Energy Efficient ProVia Windows & Doors


ProVia provides energy-efficient windows that best meet the weather conditions in your area. The technology in the windows includes the vinyl compound, the frame design, and specialized glass system that combines low-E and clear glass with an insulating gas, like argon or krypton.

  • Low-maintenance vinyl, offering superior weatherability and color retention.
  • INNERGY® thermal reinforcement (Endure & Aspect windows).
  • Graphite polystyrene rigid foam insulation (Aeris & Endure, and upgrade option on Aspect windows) within cavities of the window frame.
  • Weatherstripping on the frame and sash.
  • ProVia offers multiple glass packages—combinations of window glass construction, energy-efficient coatings, and insulation.
CertainTeed Saint-Gobain


By choosing CertainTeed siding and trim, you can feel confident that your home’s cladding is green. CertainTeed contributes to sustainable design by manufacturing CertainTeed Vinyl Siding, Polymer Siding and Cellular PVC Exterior Trim in a way that is responsible to our environment, economical for building professionals and homeowners, and beneficial to our communities. Ask For our GREEN CertainTeed Comfort Core Siding!

  • Manufactured responsibly
  • Produced, shipped and installed using minimal valuable resources
  • Made from recycled materials and recyclable
  • Able to meet LEED® and NAHB guidelines for sustainability
  • Environmentally friendly, releasing minimal CO2 emissions
  • Reduces long term environmental impact through the elimination of painting or caulking
CertainTeed Saint-Gobain


CertainTeed Landmark Series Premium shingles are warranted for 50 years. Their longevity makes them a reasonably priced green solution by reducing maintenance costs and material waste. Ask For our GREEN CertainTeed Landmark Series Premium Shingles!

OSB is made from wood ground into thin wood strands. These strands are mixed with wax and adhesive and then hot pressed. Approximately 50 layers of strands make one sheet of OSB. Mostly used as roofing materials by local contractors. Why do we use OSB:

  • OSB is generally more square and has smaller dimensional tolerances, great for roofing.
  • It can be manufactured into panels of up to 8′ x 24′, far larger than plywood.
  • There are no soft spots such as those that can occur in plywood.
    OSB is made from smaller (often farmed) trees reducing the demand for old growth timber.
  • OSB has greater shear strength than plywood; the span rating, nail pull and screw hold are all roughly the same.
  • It can be less expensive than plywood. For a typical 2400 square foot home, OSB will save money if used as the sub floor, sheathing, and roof decking instead of plywood.
  • 50 strands thick, so its characteristics are averaged out over many more “layers” than plywood.
  • Consistently stiff. Plywood has a broader range of variability.

Our ventilation products are green products because:

  • They can drastically save on energy costs because we are creating a cool roof and it is a passive system, which does not use electricity.
  • From using the DCI’s total ventilation system it will prolong the lifetime of the roof. This will in turn cut down on material waste, labor costs, & landfill dumping.
  • It prolongs the shingles, underlayment, Ice & Water Shield, plywood, trim, & everything else associated with the roof.


We vow to never use cheaper materials, hurry through an installation, or overlook local code restrictions.



If something ever goes wrong with our installation in the future, it’s not your fault… it’s ours. We’ll do what’s necessary to make things right.



When it comes to home improvement, we know that many of our services are not just minor changes to your home, but rather a large investment.



In your search for a home improvement company, you’ve probably come across words like “experienced” or “trustworthy.” We practice what we preach.