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When we say we can redo your bathroom in just one day, many people have questions. We’ve collected some of the most common and answered them to help you understand more about our process:

Q. I have an injury from when I served my country. I am not elderly, so want something that looks modern but has some safety items. Do you have anything for me? – Kyle, Mt. Holly

A. First of all, thank you for serving our country. Second of all, we absolutely do have very nice modern-looking tubs and showers. The shower heads have different modern finishes and our makeovers turn your bath into something that looks like a spa or a bathroom found in a nice hotel.

Q. My husband and I both work and want a quick bathroom remodel. We don’t have the time to be without a bathroom, since we only have one. Can you help? – Kelly, Abington, PA

A. We have many customers who only have one bathroom, and we can give you a fresh, updated bathroom in just one day. Many of our working customers go to work in the morning and return to a new bathroom – it really is possible!

Q. Some of my friends had their bathroom remodeled and told me I should plan a vacation or some time away from my home since it is so disruptive. – Charlotte, Garnet Valley, PA

A. That really is not necessary. We try to minimize the disruption in your day and are sensitive to the noise levels. Our entire process is designed so you can sit back and relax.

Q. How long will the water be off when my new bathroom is installed? – Deb, Bear, DE

A. Normally your water will be off less than one hour to cause the least amount of disruption to your day. Our process was designed with you in mind.

Q. For my senior friends and I, getting in and out of a bath tub can be a challenge. We want to age in our homes, so what suggestions do you have for bathing safely? – Barbara, Salem, NJ

A. As we age, mobility becomes an issue and your bathtub challenges are therefore not temporary. I suggest you make a change that can help you for years to come. We can change your existing tub into an easy-access shower with safety features like grab bars, a shower seat, handheld, adjustable shower head and a non-slip textured bottom.

Q. I am going to have my knee operated on and I know bathing will be more difficult. Can you really redo my bathtub in just one day? I have heard it takes weeks to do it. – Alan, Woodstown, NJ

A. Absolutely! We can redo the shower/tub area also known as “the wet area” in just one day. A traditional bathroom can take several days to weeks when it includes the removal of your old bathtub or shower, installing a new tub or shower pan, setting tiles, letting the adhesive dry, installing grout, letting the grout dry and applying sealant.

Q. What safety features do you offer? I see all kinds of safety items like shower seats, non-slip bottoms, safety bars and handheld shower heads. My husband was recently ill and we sure could have used those items. – Betty, Pike Creek, DE

A. We have several things that are considered safety features. First of all, we offer showers that have a low “curb” option so if you use a wheelchair or walker, you can easily get in the shower. Safety grab bars, handheld adjustable and removable shower heads, non-slip textured shower floor, and shower seats are also among our safety features. You mentioned your ill husband and all of these items help caregivers also.

Q. Cleaning my tub and shower is so hard and it never seems to come totally clean. It really is a chore. No matter what cleaning products I use, they don’t seem to work. – Alice, Dover, DE

A. Technology can change our lives in all areas, but if we use materials that have been around for years, we will continue to have the same cleaning issues. The new modern materials used in our showers and tubs are antimicrobial, so they are low maintenance and mold resistant. The shelves are even made of the same material. The material looks just like beautiful, expensive tile or marble, but without all the headaches. This means that if you spent several hours a week cleaning, the new material should take mere minutes: Just spray on an environmentally friendly cleaning product (we have a list of them available at any grocery store) and rinse off. It really is that simple!

Q. I heard that a one-piece shower surround unit is best, since there are no places or seams for water to get in. Is this true? – Edna, Oaks, PA

A. All homes are totally different, even if they were all built at the same time with the same floor plan. Homes settle over time and using a one-size-fits-all approach is not a good idea. When we come out to your home, we make a template of your tub area. We then customize the installation so that it fits perfectly. We even install shelves specifically for you and your needs. For example: someone who takes a shower sitting needs a shelf in a lower position than someone who takes a shower standing. We think of everything so you can enjoy your new tub or shower for many years to come.

Q. I prefer a shower door. Do you install them? – Delores, Chadds Ford, PA

A. Yes, we do install shower doors, but most people end up deciding not to get them. The doors actually reduce the space you have to get in and out of the shower and are an obstacle at times. Because they are hinged or on a sliding track, it makes cleaning your new tub or shower more difficult. But, if you are willing to do that extra cleaning and have a reduced entrance space, we can certainly install them for you.

Q. Currently I have a shower, two tile walls, and one drywall wall. I want to take down the drywall wall and replace it with a side that is glass, making the room look larger. I have seen them in magazines and they are an option I want to explore. Can you do this for me?- Douglas, Elkton, MD

A. Absolutely! We work with a glass company that can make a “glass back wall” for your shower. Because a glass wall is clear, it makes the bathroom look bigger. Plus, we can mount a shower curtain rod, handles and other items directly into the glass.

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