8 Popular Tub and Shower Styles

Posted on September 15, 2016 in Bathtub Installation

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At P.J. Fitzpatrick, we offer an array of bath solutions to turn your bathroom into one that’s stylish, beautiful, and easily accessible. With the variety of shower and bathtub styles that are available these days, it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. Here are eight popular bathtub and shower styles for today’s bathroom:

Bathtub Styles


If you want to make an artful statement in your bathroom, try a bathtub that stands freely (instead of one that is built into or attached to a wall). Freestanding bathtubs sit right on your bathroom floor and feature flat bottoms with open, exposed sides. They’re available in sleek, modern shapes for high impact.


Back in the late 19th century, clawfoot tubs were considered a luxury, and today, they can give any bathroom an elegant, vintage look. Clawfoot tubs are also freestanding tubs, but instead of having a flat bottom, they have clawed feet made of metal. They’re usually oval in shape and to add to their dramatic design, they often feature a high back, making them larger than standard bathtubs.


A drop-in bath tub is an appropriately named bathtub; it’s one that is dropped into a platform which is usually rectangular in shape. The platform is usually installed against a wall or in a corner and gives the tub an ornamental base. These types of bathtubs are designed to blend into the rest of your bathroom seamlessly.


Much like an alcove, an alcove bathtub gives you the feeling of seclusion and privacy. These tubs are usually rectangular and have three adjacent walls around them, which means the tub is only accessible from one side. This gives you the illusion that the tub is recessed into the wall.


Similar to drop-in bathtubs, undermount bath tubs also feature a platform, however, instead of being dropped into it, the tub is mounted underneath. This means that the top lip of the bathtub isn’t exposed and the platform material wraps around the entire tub and sits flush with the interior. This gives the bathtub a flawless design.

Shower Styles


Built-in showers are designed to blend into a corner of your bathroom. These showers enclose one or two walls of your bathroom that are the same material as the rest of it (as opposed to being tiled with a different design). The shower doors are usually made from tall glass to make the design look transparent and essentially, built-in.


Showers with low or zero thresholds (like the ones we offer at P.J. Fitzpatrick) make showering an effortless process. Because of the minimal threshold, you won’t have to step over a tall ledge to get in. This is extremely helpful for those who are disabled or elderly and in addition, the look can help your shower flow into the rest of your bathroom layout.


A modular showers is the most popular style of shower among homeowners and it can be built into one of your bathroom walls or built into a corner. This style of shower is usually made from acrylic and can feature simple, flat walls or walls with molded add-ons like shelves or seats.

If you’re interested in a new shower or bathtub installation, call our bath solutions experts today to learn more.

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