9 Things to Spend Your Tax Refund On: Bathrooms

Posted on March 3, 2016 in Bathtub Installation

Spend Tax Refund on Bathroom

It’s tax refund season, which means you have the opportunity to take your tax refund and put it toward a home improvement project. Using your tax refund for an update not only means a better living situation now, but a better living situation for the future and an increased home value.

Though they’re just bathrooms, these rooms are actually big selling points when it comes to home value. If your bathroom is old or outdated, let us help you update it and get it back to looking great.


Do you have a bathtub that you don’t use anymore? Don’t let it simply take up space in your bathroom – let us help you turn it into a shower. With our bathtub replacement service, we can convert your tub into a shower in just one day. We have a wide variety of shower colors and styles to pick from, and we can help you match your new installment to your bathroom decor. Best of all, our showers won’t fade, crack, or peel, and they’re also mold and mildew resistant, which means peace of mind every time you use it.


When it comes to accessibility, we know that elderly or disabled individuals can’t always get into and out of the bath tub or shower easily. That’s why we offer low threshold showers. We can lessen or eliminate the necessity to step over a lip in order to get in and can even install extra features to make sure bathing is safe. We offer grab bars, seats, slip-resistant flooring, and more to make the task easier. Just like our bathtub replacements, our low threshold showers are mold and mildew resistant and will keep looking great for years to come. That means little maintenance for a beautiful transformation.

If you’re interested in updating your bathroom with our shower or bathtub replacement service, contact us today to get started.

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