Easy Bathroom Touches Your Guests Will Love

Posted on June 30, 2016 in Bathtub Installation


If you’re planning a party, a get-together, or hosting some friends for the weekend, you probably don’t think much about the bathroom when you’re preparing. (Aren’t appetizers and bed linens more important?) However, there are a few simple touches you can make to make any bathroom feel a little homier. Here are some tips from our bathtub repair and installation experts:

A Scent

Who doesn’t love a great-smelling bathroom? Whether it’s a candle, a basket of potpourri, a wax warmer, or an air freshener, go the (small) extra mile to make your bathroom smell inviting.

Extra Toilet Paper

Have you ever used all of the toilet paper up in a guest bathroom and have no idea where to find more? It’s not only inconvenient, but it can also be pretty stressful. Keep at least one roll of toilet paper within site for your guests so they know what to do if they run out.

Mini Toiletries

If your guests are staying for the weekend, create a little basket of mini toiletries as a thoughtful touch. Include things like mini shampoos and conditioners, mini body lotions, mini toothpaste, soaps, and more.

A Great Shower/Bathtub

No one likes bathing in an old, worn, or damaged shower or bathtub. If yours is in need of an update, contact our bathtub repair and installation specialists. We can have it done in as little as one day to leave you (and your guests) with beautiful results!

Reading Material

We’re going to assume you know why reading material is a nice touch for your bathroom; keep a couple recent magazines or a fun trivia book in there. Your guests will appreciate it.

Some Space

If your guests are staying for the weekend, they’ve probably brought their own bathroom essentials, so give them some space in the bathroom to store them. Whether it’s an empty shelf or an empty drawer, they’ll appreciate not having to carry their stuff back and forth from the bathroom to their room.

Extra Towels

Whether it’s bath towels or hand towels, it’s always a good idea to have a few extra handy – especially if you’re going to be having a lot of guests. (No one wants to dry their hands on a used, wet towel.)

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