The Conveniences of a Walk in Bathtub

Walk in Bathtub

Bathroom safety can be a major concern for seniors or people who have limited mobility. If you or a loved one is finding it difficult to use a traditional bathtub, consider the benefits of installing a walk-in bathtub. This bathing solution is designed to ensure safety, especially preventing falls, and can provide comfort and peace of mind. PJ Fitzpatrick’s bath professionals can install a standard walk in bathtub, or a jacuzzi walk-in tub; both of which will be a convenient addition to your home.

Bathing with Safety and Security

The layout of a walk-in bathtub is designed to reduce the risk of injury for a senior or disabled person, making it easier for them to enter and exit. Falling in the tub is a common problem and the biggest issue is getting in or out while navigating a tub rim that is up to 19 inches high. Slippery spots, poor balance, or dizziness can make this normal part of the daily routine become a potential hazard. Walk in bathtubs feature a low threshold and a watertight door that allows the person bathing to step inside safely and then seat themselves comfortably for a bath or sit-down shower. With the door closed, the tub fills with water and the person bathing can be submerged without having to bend down. Other safety features like handrails, contoured seating, and anti-slip flooring will further increase the convenience and accessibility of a walk-in bathtub.

The Health Benefits of Warm Baths

A hot bath is known to have incredible benefits for soothing aches, pains and tension. Soaking in the warm water also has a therapeutic effect, allowing for deep relaxation, releasing mental stress and simply being very enjoyable and soothing. The downside is that the people who need this pain relief the most, the elderly or disabled, may struggle to enjoy it comfortably. A walk-in bath provides access to being completely immersed in the warm water while seated securely, easing the symptoms of common health problems like sore muscles, arthritis and poor circulation. When the bath is over, simply allow the tub to drain and step out safely.

Helping to Preserve Independence

Getting older or having a disability can often lead to less independence and many families must struggle with the decision of whether to put their loved one in a care facility. For someone who would really prefer to safely remain in their own home, a walk-in bathtub can be a crucial element for helping to preserve this independence. Having the ability to manage the risk of falling, and being able to take a bath with confidence, can make a valuable contribution to their quality of life.

At PJ Fitzpatrick we have a variety of durable, custom-built walk in bathtubs with safety features. Contact us today so that one of our bath experts can help you find a bathing solution that works for you and your family!

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