Exceptional Care for Children Summer Promotion

Posted on July 9, 2014 in Charity

ecclogoP.J. Fitzpatrick has supported Exceptional Care for Children with past promotions, but for those who are unaware Exceptional Care for Children improves the lives of technology-dependent children and their families through skilled nursing, transitional and palliative care. For more information on the work they do you can check out this video which just gives you an idea of why their work is so important: Exceptional Care for Children  2014.

We did a successful promotion last year where we had supporters post pictures of themselves on our Facebook page  with a message stating why ECC is so awesome, and it was a great success! We’ve decided to follow up this year with another promotion, only this time we’ll be supporting an outdoor water playground for the children. With the equipment some of the children rely on it can be very difficult for them to visit pools or waterparks, so an onsite water playground would be an awesome experience for the kids to have!

We thought since it’s a bit Summer themed we that this time around we’d ask everyone to post pictures to our Facebook page with a message saying what you would like to do this Summer that you haven’t gotten a chance to yet.

So we’re asking folks to visit P.J. Fitzpatrick’s Facebook page to post their picture of them holding a message saying what they would like to do with what’s left of this Summer. For each person who posts a picture throughout the month of July, and up until August 10th, we will donate $5.00 per posted picture to Exceptional Care for Children, up to a maximum of $1,000. We thought this would be a fun and engaging way to not only raise awareness for ECC, and also garner support for their outdoor water playground . If you’d like to participate mosey on over to https://www.facebook.com/pjfitzpatrickinc to submit a picture.

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