Hurricane Sandy

Posted on November 14, 2012 in Charity

The Hurricane luckily did not damage Delaware and Pennsylvania as bad as it could have, however, our friends and neighbors in New Jersey took quite a beating, and Delaware and Pennsylvania did not make it through entirely unscathed.  On the day after the storm we had to have all hands on deck answering the phones, with sometimes 20-30 people waiting on the lines to be scheduled. We would like to thank all our staff for helping out to ensure that all our customers could be seen to in a timely fashion.  We would also like to thank our customers for their patience, considering the circumstances!

On a separate note, a few days later on Friday November 9th our guys Tyler Faux-Dugan and Rondel Jaundoo set out from our shop with a box truck full of water for Hurricane Sandy victims. The water ended up going to Shore Vineyard Church, however, this was after being told at several other locations they could not handle anymore donations. They drove down to Shore Vineyard  to find out they were completely out of water for the next day, and unfortunately they didn’t have a forklift so they had to unload around 12,000 water bottles by hand. Thank you guys for your hard work!

Of the four pallets we started with P.J. donated three and New Castle B.J.’s donated one.  Two more would get picked up from the Grace and Peace Church while they were out there in Jersey.

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