P. J. Fitzpatrick Helps the 3D Foundation Improve Housing for Disadvantaged

Posted on October 30, 2013 in Charity

P.J. Fitzpatrick, a leading home repair and improvement company, is happy to announce that their September contribution to the 3D Foundation has been used to improve the homes of local disabled individuals.


“We strongly believe that we have the responsibility to give assistance whenever we can to those whose lives will be enriched by our actions,” says Peter Fitzpatrick, CEO of P.J. Fitzpatrick, Inc.


The 3D Foundation, or Disabled Disadvantaged Delawareans, offers community housing and support for the disabled, recovering addicts, domestic violence victims, or former inmates who need assistance getting on their feet and into homes of their own.


Scott Walker began renting homes to the disabled in 2003 and then founded 3D.  He now has close to 20 properties and in the ten years since he began, has helped hundreds of those in need of a little extra boost.


P.J. Fitzpatrick donated 35 windows, 5 entry doors and 3 storm doors to the foundation.  Richard Paredes, Executive Director of the 3D Foundation said, “We truly appreciate these donations and will use these donations as replacements for our houses which house the Disabled Disadvantaged Delawareans in our communities.”


“With winter coming, we wanted to be sure that the Foundation’s homes are as ready for the weather as possible,”  said Almena Faux, Director of Business Development. She continues, “Since our beginnings, P. J. Fitzpatrick has made a commitment to giving back to the community, and this is a great way for us to help those in need.”


P.J. Fitzpatrick is known throughout the area for its active community involvement and the charities it supports.


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