5 Benefits of French Patio Doors

Posted on October 25, 2018 in Door Installation

French patio doors

French doors are most often used to connect a home’s interior and exterior. At P.J. Fitzpatrick, we offer French patio doors that are not only functional, but beautiful for any home. These doors are made with glass and are framed with wood, vinyl, or fiberglass. Best of all, French patio doors can be a singular or doubled to give you the look you want.

Are you looking to update your patio doors for your benefit? Or maybe you’re selling your Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, or New Jersey home. Either way, choosing a French style offers a variety of benefits:

Natural Light

Light can give your room a beautiful glow and when it’s natural, it’s even better. Because our French patio doors are made from glass, they can let in an abundance of natural light to your kitchen, living room, family room, bedroom, or dining room. This can brighten up your space and make it feel more open.


When you have a patio space (especially in the Northeast), it gives you a great opportunity to enjoy the fresh air. When you have a patio space with French patio doors, you can bring that same fresh air into your home. Just by opening up your patio doors on a beautiful day, you can improve the airflow of your interior and freshen up your space.


When you think about glass doors, you probably don’t think about durability. However, at P.J. Fitzpatrick, we offer French patio doors made from high quality materials. These doors are not only aesthetically appealing, they provide protection for your home. Whether you install your doors in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, or New Jersey, you can rest easy knowing they’ll be built to last.


French doors have been a popular style for years, and there’s a good reason why: they’re beautiful. Unlike traditional sliding patio doors or common interior doors, French patio doors offer an elegant characteristic. These glass doors look great from both the inside and outside, improving your home’s interior appeal and exterior appeal. And because you can choose your door frame material, you can decide how you want your doors to look.

Energy Efficiency

When you choose P.J. Fitzpatrick for your French patio door installation, you can bet on an installation that provides energy efficiency. At P.J. Fitzpatrick, our doors are made from materials that are designed to create a seal between your home and the outside. This means they can keep your heat or air conditioning inside and reduce your energy costs.

When it comes to a new door installation, call the experts at P.J. Fitzpatrick. We can install them quickly and professionally so you can enjoy the beauty and functionality of your French patio doors as soon as possible.

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