The Many Colors of Front Doors for Homes

Posted on December 5, 2018 in Door Installation

front doors for homes

There are many things to think about when choosing a new front door. Today’s front doors for homes come in a variety of materials – each with a different strength, energy efficiency, durability, and style. Once you choose your door, another thing to think about is the color of it. While you may think a color is just a color, it can say more about you than you realize.

Here, we share a variety of front door colors and their meanings:



Blue comes in a wide variety of shades. If you opt for a darker blue for your front door, it can give the impression of success. Colors like royal blue can mean you’re trustworthy and positive, while navy blue says you’re calm and grounded. If you opt for a light blue (like powder blue), you’ll appear sincere and friendly.


The color green often symbolizes two things: health and money. Green front doors for homes can do the same thing. If you choose a medium green color, you’ll give the impression that your home is one of health, safety, and community. A darker green will give the impression that you’re stable and good with finances.


Purple is one of the more uncommon colors for a front door, but it can look great on some homes. Because purple is often associated with spirituality, a purple front door can mean you’re open-minded, caring, and not afraid to take risks.



Like purple, yellow is another uncommon color found on front doors for homes. Many times, a yellow door is meant to be the focal point of a home’s facade (because of its brightness). Having a yellow front door means you’re many things, including curious, confident, wise, understanding, and humorous.


Red comes in many different shades and is still one of the most common colors for a front door. In early American tradition, a red door meant “welcome,” which is perhaps why many homeowners still choose the color. A brighter shade of red says you’re vibrant and a go-getter; a darker shade implies warmth and invitation.


If you really want to promote the fact that you’re creative, exciting, and social, choose a front door in orange. While there are both light and dark shades of this color, they all say similar things about you and your home.


Pink is another color not often found on front doors for homes. However, when you do find it, you’ll notice that it gives off a sense of cheer. In addition, a pink front door can mean you’re generous and thoughtful towards friends, family, and even strangers.



The color black is usually associated with order and control. If your home has a black front door, you’ll appear serious and authoritative to those who visit. Depending on the style and size of your home, you may also appear formal and chic.


No matter what colors the rest of the facade incorporates, white front doors for homes often give them a clean, tailored look. This color is perhaps the most complementary neutral color and can make you appear neat, organized, and determined.


Can’t decide between black and white? Grey is the perfect color compromise, and it will say exactly that about you and your family. A home with a grey door gives the impression of accommodation. It can also promote dignity and intelligence.


When you think of brown, you likely think of wood when it comes to front doors for homes. However, a handful of homeowners actually opt to paint their front door a shade of brown. While this isn’t the most common of neutrals, brown front doors can make you appear practical, warm, and reliable.

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