Local Expert Gives Advice on How to Save Money Now

Posted on October 29, 2014 in Energy Efficiency

save money

Fall is here and high energy bill are close. Gary Bell, our Repair Manager, gives homeowners advice on little things that can create savings on energy costs. Here are several items that can be done for little money but you can see a difference with energy costs and comfort in your home:

First, purchase a simple non-contact laser temperature gauge from your local hardware store for less than $20. Go around you home and check for drafts. Common places to lose energy are your electric outlets, light switches, doors, windows, attic access, dryer vents, range hood vents and exterior water spigots.

• Check weather stripping around windows and doors (including garage door) and replace if worn or torn.
• Make sure your doors and windows are locked, if not they do not seal properly.
• Caulk around exterior windows and doors.
• If you have storm windows and storm doors, make sure the solid glass panel is in place.
• Replace any cracked or broken glass in windows or doors so air does not infiltrate.
• Add window well covers on basement windows as a buffer.
• Add a storm door over an entry door as an added buffer.
• Make sure exterior vents (dryer, range hood, etc) are free of dirt so they close correctly.
• Insulate or cover exposed exterior pipes.
• Take off your interior outlet and light switch covers and insert an insulating plate.
• Go into your attic and measure the amount of insulation with a yard stick. The ultimate amount of insulation should be between 12” and 15”.
• Make sure the attic access door or hatch is insulated or install an attic tent.

If you have any questions or need assistance, you can always Live Chat with us, Ask The Expert on our website, or call us and an Energy Repair Expert can evaluate and complete necessary energy saving repairs.

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