10 Crazy Houses from Around the World

Posted on September 10, 2015 in Funny Videos and Images

At P.J. Fitzpatrick, we want to make sure your house is one that you love living in every day, so we offer an array of home improvement services to help. However, if you want to live a little differently, you might consider a house like one of these:

1. Though no one actually lives in it, this house in Affoldern, Germany was built completely upside down. Known as the “Crazy House,” visitors can walk through the home that features furnishings, fixtures, and accessories that are all upside down as well.

crazy house

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2. In 1999, a man decided to transform an old Boeing 727 commercial airliner into his own home outside of Portland, Oregon. The jumbo jet features a living room, bathroom, lighted staircase, and tons of storage, and is estimated to be worth twice what he paid for it.

airplane home

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3. If you’re traveling through Cincinnati, Ohio, you’ll find the “Mushroom House” on Erie Ave. This 1,260 square-foot home was designed by architect Terry Brown and 35 of his architecture students from the University of Cincinnati. It’s made from metal, wood, glass, shell, and ceramics and is crafted to look just like a mushroom.

mushroom house

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4. This house in Portugal is called the Casa de Pedra, but it’s lovingly referred to as the “Flintstones House.” Built from a mix of rock and concrete, the house is barely recognizable as a house. It features crooked, handmade windows, rough-cut log furniture, and is powered by a local wind turbine.

flintstones house

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5. In Eastern France near Strasbourg, you’ll find a home that looks like a giant spinning top. The “Heliodome” is a bio-climactic solar house that was designed to look like a three-dimensional sundial. It provides shade during the summer months and warm natural sunlight during the spring, fall, and winter.

heliodome house

6. This octagonal house in New South Wales, Australia is built upon a rotating platform (and is actually available to rent). The platform spins a full rotation every 45 minutes, giving the three-bedroom house a complete view of the Caffrey’s Flat countryside.

rotating house

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7. In Mexico City, a couple decided that they wanted to live in a seashell, so they had this house (also known as the “Nautilus House”) built. Made from concrete, it not only features an indoor garden, but also stained glass, abstract furniture and rounded doorways.

nautilus house

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8. If you’ve always wanted to live in a space ship, consider modeling your home after this “Space House” outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee. It features three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, kitchen and an entrance that’s actually a drop-down airplane door.

spaceship house

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9. For 23 years, architect and sculptor Robert Bruno worked to build this giant pig-shaped house from 110 tons of steel. Located in Lubbock, Texas, the house overlooks Ransom Canyon and is designed to optimize both light and a visual experience.

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10. Head to Chelyabinsk, Russia and you’ll find a man who built his house almost entirely from champagne bottles. Called “Palace Oz,” the house was built using 12,000 bottles and was created to commemorate Hamidullah Ilchibaev (the builder)’s late son.

bottle house

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