1st Annual PJ Awards

Posted on April 6, 2012 in Funny Videos and Images

We had some really close contests. Celine just BARELY beat out Gary for Best Hair, Almena managed to steal Best Dressed from Steven Carter, and Most Loveable was nearly a tie between Beth and Celine. Also Cheryl managed to come from behind and beat out Beth for Funniest Worker, many believe because of a campaign of intimidation and coercion throughout the entire Production Department. We definitely had some landslides: Bill Henkel is without a doubt the Most Popular man strutting the halls today, and Pete Fitzpatrick Sr. has certainly been an inspiration to us all. All that said, we had a lot of fun with the PJ Awards, and we’ll definitely do this again next year.

Best Hair: Celine Tata
Best Dressed: Almena Faux-Dugan
Best Laugh: Joe Madanat
Best Phone Manner: Dustin Faux-Dugan
Best Celebrity Look-a-Like: Matt Yager
Most Popular: Bill Henkel
Most Punctual: Vicki Ennis
Most Inspirational: Pete Fitzpatrick Sr
Most Talented: David Fithian
Most Loveable: Celine Tata
Most Likely to be on Reality TV: Steven Carter
Funniest Worker: Cheryl Williamson
Loudest Singer: Beth Reeder
Cleanest Worker: Rob Free
Quietest Worker: Wanda Howard

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