A Sneak-Peek on Future Mobile Homes

Posted on September 14, 2010 in Funny Videos and Images

Mobile homes are very popular. With the turn of the century, new innovations are flooding the market. With new technologies in materials and design, mobile homes are going futuristic. Check these photos below to grab an idea of what the future is going to be :


The house fits two people, with space to walk, sleep, work and cook. Inspired by the cube, this will definitely be futuristic.

The Skihaus

The SkiHaus is a lightweight structure which can be airlifted. But don’t go by the looks, the house can be quite sturdy.

The Orb

This home office with an oval shape (not the oval office, is it?) will surely make quite a stylish statement. The lightweight makes it quite portable.

For more awesome pictures on future mobile homes, visit this blog at Choices.co.uk.

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