December 2011 Birthdays and Anniversaries

Posted on December 7, 2011 in Funny Videos and Images
Tim Siple

Tim was thrilled to hear about all the December birthdays.


In addition to wishing a happy birthday to all our employees celebrating in December, we also want to wish a speedy recovery to Mike Ennis, Bill Henkel, Jerry Hayes, and Bob Cox.

David Fithian 12/03
Wilson Haman 12/05
Bill Henkel 12/05
Mike Ennis 12/14
Mark Tolmie 12/18
Lance Stowell 12/19
Beth Reeder 12/20
Max Baker 12/24
Matt Fineberg 12/28
Ken Harris 12/29



Danielle Staser

"This is way more anniversaries than last month."


Kenny Bevis 12/01/2003
Bryan Blomquist 12/29/2008
David Fithian 12/15/2010
Joe Madanat 12/24/2005
Brittany Martin 12/07/2010
Scott Schmoyer 12/04/2006
John Sullivan 12/03/2007
Rachel Zdziech 12/14/2010

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