How Can You Reduce Your Energy Bills This Winter?

Posted on December 2, 2010 in Green Ideas

Save Up On Your Energy Bills This Winter

Winter is here and as you have probably noticed, it’s getting chilly!  Turning on the furnace can save you from the cold, but it can sometimes make you wince when you open the energy bill.  There are several ways to help you reduce your energy bills significantly-

Reduce the Thermostat temperature – Keep your thermostat temperature at 68 degrees.  This can lower your energy expense considerably.

Replace your furnace filter – Clogged furnace filters can greatly reduce the efficiency of your heater and can result in a defective airflow.  Keep a regular check on your furnace.  Inexpensive filters are easily available in the market.

Tune your furnace time to time – Regular tuning-up of your furnace can ensure safe operation of your furnace and increase its efficiency.

Make use of sunlight – This is a natural way of warming your house. Open the blinds  when it is sunny outside, you will be amazed at the results.

Inspect weather stripping on windows and doors – Check the weather stripping on your windows and doors to make sure that there are no air leaks. Replace faulty weather stripping immediately.

Even if your home already has insulation, or other energy saving products, it still may not be as protected as you think, since many types are not effective against heat transfer due to emission.  At PJ Fitzpatrick, Inc. We can bring your traditional attic insulation up to code, with either blown-in or batt insulation while adding a barrier to the third type of heat loss/gain; emission with Radiant Barrier Energy Reflective Insulation.

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