6 Signs Your Gutters Are in Good Shape

Posted on June 28, 2018 in Gutter Repair


One of the last things you probably want to deal with as a homeowner is water damage, and water damage can easily occur if your gutters aren’t functioning properly. Your gutters are what keep your roof, siding, and foundation dry, but if they’re not quality gutters, you may have problems. Here are 6 signs that your gutters are in good shape, from our gutter repair specialists:


The next time it rains, go outside after it stops and look up at the underside of your gutters. Are they dry? Good. If it’s not raining and the underside of your gutters is wet, it means you probably have a leak somewhere. Whether it’s a hole or a crack, leaky gutters mean water is falling where it shouldn’t be.

In-Tact Sides

If the sides of your home have peeling paint or rotting pieces of wood (like your window sill or door jambs), you most likely have had malfunctioning gutters for a long period of time. When excess water flows over a specific part of your home for a length of time, it can cause water damage and major repairs.

A Clean Basement

Check your basement on a regular basis for signs of mold or mildew along the walls. If you find growth, it’s likely that your gutters aren’t displacing water far enough away from your foundation. This can be trouble, because your foundation needs to stay dry to keep its integrity. If you perform a gutter repair and the problem continues, you may need a new gutter installation.

No Sagging

Quality gutters are meant to stick close to your roof in order to drain precipitation properly and efficiently. If your gutters are sagging or are pulling away from your roof, they’re not doing their job as well as they should be. Usually sagging gutters are a simple fix – especially for our gutter repair experts.


If your gutters are old, they may be at the end of their lifespan. Check your gutters on a regular basis for signs of stains and/or rust. If you find these, it’s likely that your gutters aren’t working as well as they should to protect your home from water damage.

Standing Water

After a good rain, get out a ladder and take a look inside your gutters. If you find any pools of standing water, it likely means your gutters aren’t angled properly. Gutters are supposed to be slightly angled so that water runs down them and out the downspout. If they’re not, they’re subject to standing water that could damage them.

If you notice any of these problems, don’t hesitate to contact our gutter repair experts as soon as possible. We’ll have your gutters back to normal in no time.

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