8/19/2011 Caring Hands Project

Posted on August 19, 2011 in Gutter Repair

We’ve talked about doing a Caring Hands day with the MS Society for about a month now, and unfortunately weather caused us to postpone last weekend.  Most of our Caring Hands Teams have rescheduled for this upcoming Sunday, weather permitting.

That said, since there was a break in the rain today Team 1 decided to go out early and get the first gutter cleaning done.  Heading up the team was Specialty Division Manager Todd Glickstein, who not only brought his wealth of experience regarding gutters and gutter protection, but also most all the materials that were used for the cleaning.  Accompanying him was our resident photographer Tyler Faux-Dugan (absent from the pictures because he was the one taking them), our Marketing Director Almena Faux-Dugan, HR Manager Christy Connor, and Customer Experience Manager Pete Fitzpatrick Jr.

The homeowner had been experiencing a flooding in her basement from the tremendous amount of rain recently, and was extremely grateful to have her gutters taken care of.  Despite the gutter guards placed around the home she had experienced a great deal of clogging around the downspouts, and since she has been diagnosed with MS she was unable to take care of it herself.

The entire team had a blast, and we’re already looking forward to possibly doing another project like this in the fall.  Team 2 and Team 3 are also getting psyched up to head out and help two other homeowners on Sunday, hopefully the weather holds out and we’ll be able to finally get them done.  Thanks to all our volunteers who are making this happen!


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