Stop Cleaning Your Gutters

Posted on October 18, 2013 in Gutter Repair

The number one thing that can wreak havoc on your gutters, and by extension, your roof, foundation, and anything in between, is leaves.  Yes, those lovely leaves that bring us beautiful colors in the fall and herald the arrival of spring can also do thousands of dollars in damage to your home if they aren’t kept out of your gutters.

Any time there is a large amount of water coming off of the roof it should be met with gutters that are free of leaf build-up and debris. This way the water can flow freely away from your home. When leaves are allowed to accumulate in gutters they can lead to water overflows during periods of heavy rain or from ice or snow that is melting during the colder months. Water overflows can cause damage to your foundation, roof, siding, interior, electrical system, and heating and cooling system, simply because the water isn’t going where it’s supposed to. Many times you are unaware of the damage as it’s occurring and it only becomes noticeable once damage is extensive and the repair is expensive.

How can you prevent expensive damage to your home? You have three options:

  1. Clean your gutters yourself twice a year.  But be aware that even if you have the correct ladder, tools, and knowledge to complete this task, more people are seen in the emergency room for falling off of ladders and roofs than for any other home repairs. Simply put…this isn’t a good option.
  2. Have a professional come out twice a year to clean your gutters.  While much safer, faster, and better than attempting to clean your own gutters, the twice-yearly cost of professional cleaning can add up over time.
  3. Have your gutters cleaned once and then have the best leaf and debris protection system in the business installed.  Never worry about cleaning them again.

All gutter protection systems work under the same basic idea: Install a barrier of some kind to keep leaves, pine needles, and other debris from accumulating in the gutters while still allowing water to pass through unimpeded. The real difference in each system is how well it works, and by extension, how often the gutters have to be cleaned even with a leaf guard in place.

Most gutter protection on the market allows enough leaves and debris into the gutters that cleaning is still required every year or two.  Only the Royal Guard Gutter Cap System guarantees that you will stop cleaning your gutters.  And of course, when they’re installed by P.J. Fitzpatrick, the installation will be done by trained gutter professionals and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Gutter protection ensures that your gutters are protected.  There’s no more worrying about having your gutters cleaned before most of the leaves have fallen, or of causing damage to your home by forgetting to have the cleaning performed.

Yes, it does cost more to install a Royal Guard Gutter Cap System than it does to simply have your gutters cleaned by our gutter professionals.  But consider this: How much will annual gutter cleanings cost going forward? Gutter protection is an investment that makes sense for the life of your home.

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