Round 1 of the Annual PJ Awards

Posted on March 6, 2012 in Funny Videos and Images, Home Improvement

One of our nominees for Best Dressed

Round one of your ballots are in, and the nominees have been selected for the 1st Annual PJ Fitzpatrick Awards! We received a couple dozen e-mails with nominations, so we had to narrow down each field a bit as we could not include every nominee. That said, we tried to make sure that everyone nominated appeared somewhere in the mix below. (and not too many times  to avoid a sweep of the entire PJ Awards) Now here are the instructions for voting: please send an e-mail entitled “PJ Awards” to Pete Fitzpatrick Jr, and in the e-mail please list a single person for each category. At the end of the month the votes shall be tallied, and the winners will be announced in the April Newsletter.

Best Hair: David Fithian, Scott Schmoyer, Danielle Staser, Gary Bell, Celine Tata
Best Dressed: Steven Carter, Paul Sweeney, Almena Faux-Dugan, Christy Connors
Best Laugh: Joe Madanat, Almena Faux-Dugan, Marisa Davis, Steve Kaper
Best Phone Manner: Celine Tata, Dustin Faux-Dugan, Lindsay Fersch, Brittany Bailey
Best Celebrity Look-a-Like: Matt Yager – Ben Stiller, Rob Coursey – Leonard Nimoy/Any incarnation of Spock, Rick Boates – Simon Peg (we’ll get some pictures out to help with this category)
Most Popular: Bill Henkel, Steven Carter, Dave Radulski
Most Punctual: Brittany Bailey, Vicki Ennis, Rachel Zdziech
Most Inspirational: Pete Fitzpatrick Sr, John Sullivan, Mike Brooks
Most Talented: David Fithian, Chris Avayou, Todd Glickstein
Most Loveable: Celine Tata, Beth Reeder, Lisa Saienni
Most Likely to be on Reality TV: Danielle Staser, John Sullivan, Steven Carter
Funniest Worker: Beth Reeder, Matt Yager, Cheryl Williamson, Dave Combs
Loudest Singer: Marisa Davis, Beth Reeder, Steven Carter
Cleanest Worker: Rob Free, Darin Henry, Paul Sweeney
Quietest Worker: Stacey Snyder, Amanda Wolfer, Wanda Howard

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