4 Ways to Improve Your Bathroom Layout

Posted on November 21, 2018 in Home Improvement

bathroom layout

We spend more time in bathrooms than we realize – especially the bathrooms in our homes. If your bathroom layout is inefficient, it can make everyday tasks more difficult and can take away from the appeal of the space. Here, our bath experts share a few tips for improving your bathroom layout and making the most of it:

Replace the Door

If your bathroom door swings into your bathroom, it can take up space and make it difficult to move around. Even if it swings outward, it can still block part of your bedroom or hallway. To maximize the amount of space in your bathroom, consider replacing the door. Instead of having a standard swing door, install a pocket door that disappears into the wall. (If you’re not sure where to start, follow this how-to.) You’ll save space and give your bathroom a fun update.

Consider Wall Storage

Many homeowners have sink cabinets in their bathrooms in order to store their towels, toilet paper, hair accessories, and more. However, sink cabinets take up a large amount of floor space. To open up your bathroom layout and make it bigger, consider getting rid of the cabinet and choosing a standard pedestal sink. You can move your under-the-sink storage items to a nice shelving unit, a wall cabinet, baskets, or even storage racks.

Get Rid of Your Tub

With so much to do these days, not many people have time for a long, relaxing bath. If your bathroom has a bathtub that you never use, don’t let it keep taking up space. Get rid of it and replace it with an elegant vanity, a second sink, more counter space, or simply fill the extra area with plants, a comfy chair, or some chic storage bins.

If all you have is a bathtub and you’d prefer a shower, talk to our experts about a tub-to-shower conversion. We can get rid of your tub and install a sleek, beautiful shower that takes up less space, uses less water, and looks great with your bathroom layout!

Update the Details

Some bathrooms don’t need an entire remodel but could use an update. If this is the case, consider changing up the details of your bathroom. Repaint your walls to freshen the space. Replace your sink. Update your shower or bathtub fixtures. Invest in a new shower curtain-and-mat set. Make some design changes to your bathroom lights. Or add a backsplash. Even the small details can make a big difference in your bathroom layout.

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