8 Places to Consider Adding Trim

Posted on August 3, 2016 in Home Improvement

where to add trim

At P.J. Fitzpatrick, we’re always interested in adding character to a home, and trim can be used in a variety of ways to do just that. From chair rail trim to crown moulding, you’ll find a range of different styles to achieve the look you’re going for. Here are eight places to consider adding trim:

Around Your New Windows

If you recently purchased new or replacement windows from P.J. Fitzpatrick, trim is a perfect way to showcase their beauty. Whether they’re picture, casement, double-hung, or another style, trimming around your windows can complete their look and add elegance.

In Between Two Designs

When painting their walls, many homeowners find that they can add a touch of design and interest by splitting the wall horizontally and using two different designs. Whether it’s wallpaper on the top and paint on the bottom, paint on the top and wainscoting on the bottom, or another combination, separating the designs with trim can add that perfect finishing touch.

Bordering a Doorway

If your home has a doorway (but no door), you can make it look even more inviting by adding some trim around it. Choose a thin, rounded trim for a more modern look or crown moulding to add luxury.

Right on the Wall

Have a room that seems bare? Add a decorative element with large shapes outlined in trim. You can keep it simple with large rectangles or go for a more regal look and incorporate shapes with scalloped or “L-shaped” edges. You can even paint the inside of the shape a different color to make it pop. Just be sure to paint the trim a different color to make it stand out.

Around Artwork

Who needs a frame when you can showcase your artwork with trim? This idea works best on larger pieces of art, such as paintings or prints that take up a large chunk of your wall. Instead of framing them, create your own frame with ornamental moulding right around it. This is a great way to make two statements – one with your trim and one with your artwork.

On the Ceiling

For an easy way to add design to your ceiling, consider incorporating trim. You can do something as simple as just outlining the area where the ceiling meets the wall or create an architectural touch by forming a shape around a lighting fixture or even giving the entire ceiling a pattern. Search the internet for inspiration!

At the Top of Cabinets

When you think of trim, you probably think of it around windows, doors, and where walls meet the floor, but another place to consider adding it is at the top of your cabinets. By choosing large, intricate crown moulding (usually in the same color as your cabinets), you can eliminate the look of unused space above your cabinets and create a polished, elegant look for your kitchen.

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