8 Things You Should Replace in Your Home This Summer

Posted on June 14, 2018 in Home Improvement


Every once in awhile, there are a few things you should replace in your home rather than clean… Here are eight that our home improvement company recommends:


If your windows are old or damaged, they’re likely letting in hot air during the summer and cold air during the winter, which means they’re decreasing your home’s efficiency. Stop spending money to keep your home comfortable and consider replacing them with energy efficient models from our home improvement company. You can also take this opportunity to give your home a new look.


When it comes to replacing household items, most people forget about their pillows. Over time, your pillows can accumulate mold, dead skin cells, dust mites, and more, which is why experts recommend replacing them every two years.

HVAC Filter

Your HVAC filter should be changed every 1-3 months, so our home improvement specialists like to recommend a change each season. This past spring was full of allergens and pollen, and if your filter is dirty, clean air can’t get through it. That means you and your family are actually breathing in the particles that the filter has trapped. Consult your HVAC owner’s manual to find out what the right filter is for your system and replace it for the summer season to breathe happily.

Smoke Detectors

If your smoke detectors are more than eight years old, you should consider replacing them, and if you bought your home and don’t know how old your detectors are, we highly recommend getting new ones. Old smoke detectors may not be as sensitive or effective as they should be, and new smoke detector can be the difference between life and death.

Cutting Boards

If you have wooden cutting boards, make sure you oil them on a regular basis, since they’re more porous than plastic cutting boards and can collect germs and bacteria more easily. If your wooden cutting boards are several years old or if your plastic cutting boards have knife grooves in them, consider replacing them to eliminate bacteria transfer.

Fire Extinguisher

Hopefully you’ve never had to use your fire extinguisher, but that means that it has probably been sitting in your garage or under your sink for years. Most people don’t realize that fire extinguishers expire, so check the expiration date on yours. If it’s close to or past the date, replace it. If you have a rechargeable fire extinguisher, check its pressure; an extinguisher with low pressure should be serviced.

Water Filter

Whether your water filter is in a pitcher, attached to your sink, or i your refrigerator, it’s probably time to replace it. Check to see what the right filter model is before you go ahead and buy one.


For most people, a mattress is an investment, so you probably don’t think about replacing it. Experts recommend buying a new mattress every seven years to keep your sleeping posture in check and to make sure you’re not sleeping on a plethora of dust mites, allergens, dead skin cells, and more. Once you get a new one, flip it and vacuum it on a regular basis to keep it firm and clean.

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