Captain Sunshine Award September 2012

Posted on September 19, 2012 in Home Improvement

Mr. Overflow, CEO of your favorite evil remodeling company, here with your “Service Department Customer Service Award” for the month. Captain Sunshine apparently is on vacation, and the circuit court judge ruled that I had to perform 100 hours of “community service” for that weather machine idea of mine…so here I am to present in his place. Wait, you’re telling me Sunshine is on vacation? Seriously? Uh, let’s make this quick, I have a business meeting to get to. Anyway, the “Captain Sunshine Award” recipient this month is none other than Roger Drinkwater. Your P.J. Fitzpatrick customers have apparently been raving about him. I never understand you guys, “customer service”? Overflow Inc’s model is sell them the product, wait till it breaks in a year or two, and sell them another.  I don’t know how you guys get by. Anyway, like I said, I have a business meeting. I’m outta here.


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