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Posted on September 7, 2010 in Green Ideas, Home Improvement, Home Remodeling

Creating a green home for a greener tomorrow

A green home has its own advantage. Besides reducing your energy bills considerably, a green home aids in the conservation of the environment. But, how to create one that will be less burdening on your pocket and yet give you high returns?

Creating an energy-efficient home will pay you back its cost in a year or two. If you want to create a green home, you need to know certain points that will help you build one.

The following points should be considered before going forward with the plan of making your home, green:

Heat movement

Heating issues should be dealt with carefully!

You have to be absolutely familiar with the heat movement in your house. This will enable in better insulation and thus will enable you to conserve the heat generated in the house. Typically, understanding three simple rules of heat, conduction, convection and radiation will help you create a highly energy-efficient house.

Air movement

Air- ventilation should receive adequate attention

Taking care of the air movement will help you save money right away. A typical home has over a thousand leaks through which air can pass. This is a major roadblock in terms of heat conservation.

The problem is compounded by the fact that air carries moisture which may get stuck in the attic thereby creating mold. Pay proper attention to air movement to save on those precious dollars.

Take measures to deal with water-woes

Water movement

Water is considered the biggest threat to the life span of a house. The real problem with water is that it can intrude into the house both in liquid and gaseous state (or even solid). The water movement is very climate-specific. So, if you live in a colder climate, you insulation procedures will be totally different from a drier or tropical one.

So, whenever you decide on renovating your home, call in the experts to determine a proper plan for tackling the energy-problem of your home. You can call up P.J. Fitzpatrick, Inc. for any home renovation related issues.

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