Get Your Patio Ready for Summer Entertaining

Posted on June 29, 2017 in Home Improvement

Some Tips from Our Home Improvement Company

Summer calls for outdoor get-togethers and at P.J. Fitzpatrick, we know patios come in pretty darn handy during the hot days and warm nights. Whether your patio is old and needs new life or is simple and needs some character, our home improvement experts are here to help. Here are some great (and easy!) ways to improve your patio for holiday parties, celebrations, and simply relaxing this summer:

Use Indoor Pieces

No, indoor accessories aren’t weatherproof, but that doesn’t mean you have to hide them when you entertain. The next time you have a party outside and the weather is nice, grab your favorite pillows and blankets from inside and add a touch of home to your patio.

Paint Worn Brick

Whether it’s your patio that’s made of brick or it’s a wall, old brick can look drab. Preserve its strength and sturdiness with a fresh coat of paint. Choose one that’s made for the outdoors and stick to a classic color that will look great for  years to come.

Give Life to Old Furniture

Just because you don’t have any more use for a piece of furniture inside doesn’t mean you can’t use it outside. Before you get rid of your old furniture, try upcycling it. Search the internet for some great transformation ideas and add a coat of outdoor paint to add new life to your piece.

Invest in a Pergola

Want to add some character to your patio? Try investing in a pergola. These traditional structures come in a variety of sizes and colors and can be used to create an entrance, frame a doorway, or to create an open “ceiling.”

Add Some Privacy

The last thing you may think of for your outdoor patio is curtains, but curtains can add a nice touch of privacy and intimacy to your space. Made from weather-resistant materials, outdoor curtains can be attached to exposed beams, hung from second-floor overhangs, or even incorporated into a pergola.

Try a Rug or Two

Make your patio more inviting and designate some ground space by incorporating a rug or two. Choose bold colors or patterns for a touch of fun or go classic with neutral colors and accent pieces. Just make sure the rugs are made for outdoor weather.

Get Creative with Lighting

Everyone knows ambiance is a big part of entertaining and if you just have basic flood lights or wall lights for your patio, you could do better. Try stringing a few sets of small globe lights around or above your railing, or opt for some rustic lanterns hung from large shepherd’s hooks.

Add a Fire Pit

Nothing brings people together more than a fire pit – especially on warm summer nights. Whether you purchase one that’s already made or you make your own out of paver stones, make sure it’s situated in a safe spot and don’t forget the chairs!

Plant a Garden

If you have some room to space, plant your own small garden to add some foliage to your patio. Whether it’s a flower garden for color, a vegetable garden for munching, or an herb garden for cooking, you’ll add an extra element of nature to your outdoor space.


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