How Long Does Vinyl Siding Last?

Posted on January 13, 2021 in Home Improvement, Siding

How Long Does Vinyl Siding Last

Designed to be flexible yet strong enough to withstand the harshest elements, vinyl siding is one of the most popular choices for homes in the Delaware Valley. Beneath the vinyl panels there is typically a foam insulation board installed. This board helps protect the vinyl from excessive bending that may cause it to crack. If you’ve been wondering, “how long does vinyl siding last?”, then you’re in luck, the experts from PJ Fitzpatrick are more than happy to share their inside knowledge.

Decades of Durability

Vinyl siding that is installed properly and is well-maintained could endure the elements for up to 100 years before it deteriorates. If you don’t regularly clean or inspect your siding for any loose panels or other problem areas, it should still last over 50 years. Vinyl siding was made to easily adapt to its environment and retain its protective properties.


Water Resistant Long Lasting Vinyl Siding


One of the main reasons it can last so long is that it is incredibly resistant to moisture. When moisture gets trapped in or behind the materials of your home, you can experience warping, rot, mold, and decreased energy efficiency. Vinyl panels shed water and are ventilated to allow the protective layer to breathe.

Easy to Maintain

Vinyl siding is also easy to clean and maintain. Simply washing the siding once or twice a year will ensure it retains its beauty and continues to protect your home from mold and mildew growth. You can also typically see any areas where your siding may have shifted due to high winds and easily put it back into place.

Vinyl Siding vs Other Siding Materials

Vinyl siding made its debut in the 1950s as an alternative to aluminum siding that would dent, scratch, and fade easily. It can be installed over top of older exteriors such as brick and stucco, creating an additional layer of protection. Other types of siding tend to deteriorate sooner and require much more upkeep.

Aluminum Siding

While resistant to moisture and bug-proof like vinyl, aluminum siding only lasts around 40 years. It can also dent easily and is very difficult to repair. Aluminum siding is definitely not recommended in areas where hail storms are common.

Wood Siding

Requiring a lot of maintenance, wood siding typically lasts between 20-35 years. It looks great but comes at a premium. Vinyl siding actually comes in wood-like colors and textures for a fraction of the cost.

Stucco Siding

More durable than aluminum and wood siding, stucco was a popular choice for homes in the Delaware Valley for decades. Stucco doesn’t handle moisture well though, which can lead to many problems. It is expensive and if not installed properly, will be very costly to repair or replace.

How Long Does PJ Fitzpatrick’s Vinyl Siding Installation Last?

When you choose PJ Fitzpatrick for your vinyl siding installation services, you can rest assured that we provide only high-quality materials and workmanship that will last. Our team of siding installers are well-trained and focused on providing 100% customer satisfaction. Contact us today for a quote on new vinyl siding for your home.

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