Install Windows That Increase Energy Efficiency In Your Home

Posted on November 30, 2010 in Green Ideas, Home Improvement, Home Remodeling, Window Installation, Window Repair

Traditional windows often lead to unnecessary heat loss, condensation problems and a headache for the homeowner.  That is the very reason why windows have undergone a major technological evolution in recent times.  With this drastic change, it is now possible to have reduced heat loss and a low rate of air leakage.

Energy-efficient windows can benefit you in the following ways:

Insulation – Energy-efficient windows usually come with an R-value certification. It helps to determine the heat resistant capacity of the material that a window is made up of. A high R value on a window material states a high heat-resisting capacity of the window.  Traditional single pane windows have an R value of 1.  Usually window panes with an R value up to 3 are considered to be energy-efficient. Such window systems can help you save up on your heating and cooling bills.

Light and Noise Reduction – Energy-efficient windows usually have reflective coatings that help to block sunlight.  This helps in maintaining a relaxing light-level during  the daytime.  Multi-paned windows help in noise reduction.

Value – It’s not just the reduced energy bills that you get from these energy-efficient window panes.  A house that is equipped with energy-efficient features is considered to be more marketable, and for good reason.  It can increase the market value of a house and can decrease your tax burden at the same time.

Protect your house from the harsh cold weather conditions this winter by opting for the excellent window services offered by PJ Fitzpatrick, Inc.  Save on your energy bills and enjoy your winter holidays!

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