Quick Home Fixes for Your Memorial Day Party

Posted on May 24, 2018 in Home Improvement

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Are you hosting a Memorial Day party this weekend? Is your home ready for it? At P.J. Fitzpatrick, we suggest taking the opportunity of incoming guests to make a few quick fixes to your home. Our suggestions include:

Fix Sagging Gutters

If you’re planning on entertaining guests this weekend, you probably don’t want them looking at sagging gutters. Do yourself a favor and adjust them so they look clean and presentable. You can do this yourself by following our DIY page on “How to Fix Gutters” or give our gutter repair experts a call.

Clean Your Windows

No one likes cleaning windows, which means yours may be pretty dirty. Take this weekend’s festivities as an opportunity to get them ready for guests. Use your hose to wash down the outside of your windows, then give them a good wipe-down on both the inside and outside with a glass cleaner and a soft rag. If while you’re cleaning you notice any damage to your windows, give us a call and we can replace them for you.

Make Necessary Door Repairs

If you’re going to have people going in and out of your home, you’ll want to make sure your doors operate properly. Check the door handles, weatherstripping, and locks on your front door, porch door, and interior doors. If you find any of these elements are in need of repair, just give our door repair team a call.

Repair Leaky Faucets

When you have guests, you want to impress them; a leaky faucet is not only an eyesore, but it wastes water. Don’t wait until after Memorial Day to repair your leak – usually the situation is a quick fix. If the faucet is for a sink, you may be able to just replace the washers, o-ring, or seals. If the faucet is a bathtub faucet, follow our DIY for “How to Fix a Leaky Bath Faucet.”

Prep Your Landscaping

If the weather is nice for the Memorial Day weekend, chances are you and your guests are going to be spending some time outside. Get your outdoor space ready by prepping your landscaping. Trim back any unruly bushes or long tree branches, clean up any broken branches or debris, and lay down mulch for a completed look. Your guests will appreciate the polished setting.

Clean Your Carpets

When’s the last time you deep cleaned your carpets? Whether they’re short or long, carpets can trap dust, dirt, pollen, and much more, so give them a thorough cleaning before you entertain this weekend. For the best result, we recommend renting a professional rug cleaner, but you can also use your own methods for deep cleaning.

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