Types of Chimney Problems Which May Bug Your House

Posted on September 13, 2010 in Home Improvement, Home Remodeling

A healthy chimney for a healthy house

Chimneys are essential to every house. They help in the proper ventilation of your house. Usually attached to the fireplace or the kitchen, chimneys beautify the interiors.

However, there are several problems that may reduce your chimney’s efficiency. That is a problem as it may pose a serious threat to you and your family. Following are the types of chimney problems that you should know of:

Small Debris problem – This happens when chimney flue (the inside hollow space) deteriorates and as a result the tar inside it begins to fall down.

Less fire – The chimney is not giving you enough fire off late? Well, this means that either the flue is coming in its way or the height of the chimney needs to be adjusted accordingly.

Chimney walls too hot – This means that the inner flue has worn out resulting in the walls around the chimney getting hot whenever the fire is lit up.

Room full of fumes – The biggest risk of having a chimney, more specifically a faulty one, means that you risk your family’s life. Faulty chimney emits carbon monoxide which is lethal in high volumes.

Excessive fuel consumption – Uneven flue may result in more fuel consumption which is quite uncalled for.

Damp Chimney – This happens when moisture accumulates in the porous bricks of the chimney. This results in damaged walls which is bad news for your interiors.

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