Types of Vinyl Siding For Your Home

Posted on October 25, 2010 in Home Improvement

Vinyl Siding Types

Vinyl siding is available in five popular varieties. They all have unique characteristics. Liquid vinyl siding has the best insulating characteristics while traditional vinyl siding is highly termite resistant. Besides enhancing the aesthetics of your house, vinyl siding gives a wide range of choice with a variety of colors, textures and of course, types.

Here is an analysis of the top five types of vinyl siding materials available in the market:

Liquid Vinyl Siding

With minimal maintenance, liquid vinyl siding is the ideal choice of modern home owners. Liquid vinyl siding, although composed of the same materials as traditional vinyl siding, gives a paint finish.

Liquid vinyl siding is highly efficient in reflecting heat away from the house. High durability and resistance to the elements makes this material a top choice.

Board and Batten

Imitating the cedar boards installed in old houses, board and batten style gives a more rustic look.

If you have an old house and want to re-create that old and rustic charm while making your home smart, then look no further than board and batten vinyl style.

Vinyl Shake Siding

Vinyl shake siding is a popular choice as it can be used together with other vinyl siding types. You may also go ahead and install it throughout your home.

Install vinyl shake siding and give a unique and distinctive appearance to the house. Save money in the long run as well.

Solid Core

A perfect solution against weather elements such as heavy rain and snow, solid core vinyl siding offers a heavy amount of insulation. You can be sure that your house will be totally protected during severe weather.

The solid foam core is installed inside the siding giving a consistent vinyl siding look. Traditional vinyl siding materials have always been poor insulators, but this type surely overcomes the problem.

Seamless Siding

The most expensive option among all vinyl siding types, this variety is made to order in full lengths and has sections that are linked together.

There are no visible seams around the joints and so needs to be custom made by the manufacturer.

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