What is Oriented Strand Board?

Posted on December 9, 2010 in Home Improvement

Oriented Strand Board

OSB, Oriented Strand Board, is an engineered product that is manufactured by layering wood strands in specific orientations.  Together with wax and resin adhesive, these wood strands are hot compressed.  The color of OSB varies from light straw to medium brown, depending on the wood type and compressing system.

OSB is quickly becoming popular as it serves in several applications.  It is durable and it gets its strength from the interweaving of long wood strands.  Its advantages are listed as follows:

  • Mechanically strong
  • Highly rigid
  • Impressively durable
  • Free of knotholes and core voids
  • Fully recyclable
  • Easy-to-implement (can be readily stapled, screwed and nailed without splitting)

OSB is manufactured from small-diameter timber trees that grow in ecologically sustainable forests.  It is preferred over plywood for the following reasons:

  • OSB is more square than plywood and has more negotiable dimensional tolerances.
  • OSB can be worked into panels of a dimension up to 8’ x 24’ which is much larger than plywood.
  • OSB possesses much greater shear strength than plywood does.
  • Plywood has certain soft spots, OSB doesn’t.

OSB is the favorite for all building codes in the US and Canada and is largely preferred over plywood owing to its several advantages.

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