Don’t Forget to Winterize Your Home

Posted on December 7, 2016 in Home Improvement


Winter can be a tough season – between cold winds, ice, snow, and more, chilly conditions can have people spending hundreds on new equipment to help them save money on heating bills. If your goal this winter is to save more money, then consider upgrading some of the areas in your home that may need attention.

Roofing System

A roofing system that’s not 100% protective is something you simply don’t want during winter. If your roof is damaged or worn, it could lead to leaks and expose your home’s interior to the weather. It could also allow cold winds to enter your home and put added pressure on your heating equipment. Let our roofing experts examine your roof to see what kind of shape it’s in. If needed, we’ll give you a quote for a new installation. Now is also a great time to add insulation to complete your winterization and save on your heating costs.

Windows and Doors

Gaps in your windows and doors are an open invitation for chilly drafts that can not only compromise your home’s insulation, but also lower the temperature of your home. If your windows and doors are in good shape and these gaps are minor, you can fill them in with caulk to create a seal. If your windows and doors are old or damaged, however, you may want to consider replacing them with energy efficient models to help keep your home cozy.


Like your roofing system, your siding is also an essential way to keep your home warm throughout the winter season. With an insulated vinyl siding installation from P.J. Fitzpatrick, you’ll get built-in insulation that can help keep heating costs low and protect your home from the weather that mother nature can bring.


Homes in the Northeast often experience several inches of snow in one snowfall and as the weather warms up and then cools down again, it can cause that melted snow to freeze in your gutters. As the ice builds up, it can form a dam and compromise the strength and efficiency of your gutters. With gutter systems from P.J. Fitzpatrick, however, you won’t have to worry about winter ice dams or your gutters not being able to do their job.

If you’d like further assistance on the areas of your home that may need attention before the onset of winter, get in touch with us today!

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