2016 Fix-It List: Insufficient Insulation

Posted on February 17, 2016 in Insulation Installation

Delaware insulation

According to research by the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA), around 90 percent of U.S. homes are under insulated. We’ll say that again: 90 percent. That means a huge majority of homeowners are losing energy, losing money, and losing comfort every day.

Without the right amount of insulation, your home is susceptible to drafts, which can run your energy bills up. If you have a constantly drafty home, it means you’re letting in cold air in the winter and hot air in the summer. To counter that, your HVAC system will need to work overtime in order to keep your home warm or cool and the harder your HVAC system works, the more money you’ll have to pay for it.

You may also be working your HVAC system too hard if there are parts of your home that are warmer or cooler than others. The right amount of insulation should keep every room of your home at one comfortable temperature.

Insufficient insulation can also lead to moisture in your ceilings or walls. This is most commonly seen in the winter when an attic is under insulated. Without enough insulation, any snow that sits on your roof will melt faster than it should. As it melts, it collects in your gutters and can re-freeze there. If that happens several times, it may create an ice dam that pushes water into your home and cause damage to your ceilings and/or walls (not to mention, your roof as well).

If you’ve been putting off an insulation inspection, make the call today and don’t wait any longer. Our Delaware insulation experts are fast, thorough, and honest, and we’ll tell you exactly what you need. After that, all you’ll have to do is schedule an appointment!

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