Already Using Your Air Conditioner? eShield Can Help Your Energy Costs

Posted on May 24, 2011 in Energy Efficiency, Insulation Installation
eShield Energy Reflective Insulation

eShield Energy Reflective Insulation

It’s common for air conditioning systems to use a lot of energy to keep homes comfortable. This can not only be bad for the environment, it can also be expensive. Beating the summer heat can sometimes cost an arm and a leg; especially if your home isn’t as efficient as it could be. Investing in certain home renovations can increase your home’s ability to conserve energy, which will not only reduce your carbon footprint; it can also save you some money at the same.

Having eShield installed is a prime example of a renovation that can make your home more environmentally friendly and reduce the amount of money you spend each year on your utility bills. eShield can act as another layer of insulation for your home that will preserve its interior integrity. They are designed to keep hot air from entering drafty areas of your home, while keeping cooler air that has been processed by your air conditioner inside during the summer. They create a proper seal between your home and the outside elements. This will make it much more affordable for you to keep the inside of your home at a comfortable temperature when it gets hot out, because your air conditioner won’t have to run as frequently and will use less electricity.

PJ Fitzpatrick can help you lower the amount of energy you use and lower the amount of money you spend yearly on your power bills by installing eShield on your home that will make it more efficient. Our home renovations specialists have extensive experience performing home improvements that have made our customers’ homes more conservative with energy. We can help you make your summer much more affordable by supplying you with high quality eShield that can help protect the Earth and help protect your wallet.

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