Insulation Isn’t Just for Heat

Posted on July 13, 2016 in Insulation Installation


When you think about insulation for your home, you probably think about the fact that insulation helps keep it warm inside so you and your family stay nice and cozy. But did you know insulation can do way more than that?


Depending on what part of the country you live in, your home should have a certain amount of insulation (other wise known as an R-value)? Most of our service area in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey falls under Zone 4, which means your home should have between insulation between R30 and R60, depending on the area of your home.

Insulation Benefits

These R-values are important because if you home has the wrong amount of insulation, you’ll not only miss out on staying warm, you’ll also miss out on staying cool. In the summertime, your insulation helps keep your home’s air conditioning inside, making it necessary for comfort all year round.

Speaking of comfort, wouldn’t you feel more comfortable paying less for your heat and your air conditioning? The right insulation means you don’t have to use your HVAC system as often in order to keep your home at the right temperature. And that translates to energy savings every month.

Another benefit of insulation is noise reduction. With the correct amount of insulation in your walls and floors, you’ll be able to reduce the noise from room to room and also the noise from outside, making your life a little more quiet and relaxing.

If you’re not sure about the amount of insulation in your home, give us a call. We’re experts at installing insulation and will make sure yours is sufficient.

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