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This past month we here at P.J. Fitzpatrick lost a co-worker and dear friend, Don Pittman. Don wrote his own profile for a contest we held recently and I think what he wrote really defines how he will be remembered by many: “Mr. Motivation himself, Don Pittman is looking to change the game wherever he is, by transforming the average into the great!!”. Don will be remembered for his positive attitude and sense of humor, both of which were ever present no matter what type of day Don was having. He was a loving husband and father, and many fondly remember Don telling  them about how blessed he was to have his family. We have included some memories shared from some of his co-workers. If you would like to add anything please feel free to comment below.





Don was my spy at events.  He would report back to me how our staff did and how the other vendors were doing.  Some of my staff would request to work with Don since he was so inspirational and driven to make appointments and money.  After events Don “the man” would work all the names and get appointments. He was always trying to help people and truly loved his family.  Since Tameyka worked for me before he always gave me updates on her and was so proud.  I miss Don.

– Almena – Director of Business Development

Don was the man. At the booth when we were slow he would pretend he was an Olympic skier.  It was so funny.  He also told me stories about his children. He gave me advice on girls.

– Logan – Event Staff

Don and I had a crazy handshake.  It started with a high five and send to a crazy jingly handshake.  I will miss working with Don at the events. 

– Kelsey – Event Staff

My ride home is not the same without hearing him complain about how dirty my van is and hollering at me for not bringing it to him to clean out. Then saying, you gonna be by yourself with this dirty van!  And him reminding me to keep any negative thoughts I may have to myself & just pray things get better. His random call outs like “It’s a Terrific Tuesday” during periods of silence.

– Wanda Howard

To think of one thing that best reminds me of Don Pittman would be impossible. I met Don almost two years ago at work and immediately looked up to him. He was an awesome salesman and I quickly nicknamed him “The Used Car Salesman of PJ”. He was to the point, very friendly and more than anything, convincing. He did his job well and never gave up when times got rough and sometimes a little frustrating.

It wasn’t long before we were sharing lunches and stories of our families. My three boys met him and knew him as “Fat Tony”. He gave my son a Rubik’s Cube and said to him “I can see in your eyes Logan that you will go far. You have a beam that sparkles and reflects millions. Not necessarily dollars but accomplishments. Put this Cube together and see how far you go.” It took my son two days and he of course made me go into work to tell “Fat Tony” that he had completed his task and that he would be ready for his millions.

Last Christmas Eve, my husband and I were invited to Don’s home for a family gathering. This is where my relationship with Don flourished. As we visited with Don, his wife and their children, we realized what Christmas was truly about. Not material things or fancy Holiday presents, but being around the people that you can be fortunate enough to call your friends and family. We had a great buffet of food that his wonderful wife had prepared and even played a game or two that had both my husband and I in stitches. After all the crazy nicknames and laughs that we shared, he finally came up with a name for me … his work wife. Even his real wife had to laugh at this and when Don was in the hospital a few months before his passing she began calling me this as well. We stood beside him together after surgery, her at home and me at work. As a headstrong male we couldn’t always keep him completely healthy but we knew we had each other’s backs when it came to keeping a close eye on him.

So, from the breaks we shouldn’t have been taking outside while on the clock to the earthquake at work we laughed about for months, the many rides to the bus stop that we were able to complain for 5 minutes about the day and more importantly the advice we gave each other simply about life … Oh the memories I will keep in my heart forever. Until, we meet again, I love you work husband and may you rest in peace.

– Beth Reeder

I didn’t know Don well, but what I did know of him was impressive: He came to work every day determined to earn what he was paid to do for every one of us.  My team ran a number of his leads that we sold. We also ran a number of them that were frustrating, and who among us hasn’t been a little frustrating to a coworker during the course of a day’s business? Recently I had the honor of going to the Call Center to shake Don’s hand for the $70,000 roof lead that Jeremy McKinney sold. It was a lead in the vaguest sense, as it was only a visit with a previous roof cleaning customer who wanted us to look at the roof and share our observations with them. It was a trip back to a customer’s home; one of Pete Fitzpatrick’s original commandments.

Without Don’s determination that sale would have never happened.

– Todd Glickstein

Don was truly a blessing from God.  We worked side by side so we learned each other’s personal life.  I called his family a baseball squad since there were so many of them.  His beautiful daughter came to have lunch with him at the Philly Home Show and the way they sat and talked made me call my son to have lunch.  My second job is a counselor at a homeless shelter in Philadelphia.  Don said he did charity work in Chester and we planned on working together but never got the chance.  Don had a gentle way about him and other companies at home shows really liked Don.  If everyone was like Don Pittman it would be like paradise on earth!  May this comfort his family and everyone he loved.

– James Gray – Event Staff


In the 2 years that I have known Don I can conclude that all he cared about were his children, wife, and friends.  He was a good guy and its sad to know that he is no longer with us. 

– Celine Tata 

It’s hard to sit down and describe memories we had together. Some of those memories and jokes I had was his crazy handshakes he would come up with or the long drives to and from home shows. During those long drives, we had some crazy conversations from “How to find Bigfoot” to “Girls” and “Life”. One of the funniest conversations was about a pub “Shady Katie’s” we drove past on the way to a home show. During the show we asked the vendors around us about “Shady Katie’s” and made jokes such as “shady” people at “Shady Katie’s” to watch “shady” sports. Don could make any dull event into the time of your life, he was especially skilled at finding the best give-aways the other vendors had.  Just dumb fun we had.  He was so proud to talk about all his kids, especially Tameyka and her enlistment into the Air Force. Don’s brightness, laughter and charisma will truly be missed.         

                                                                                                                            – Michael Brooks

I remember the day I met Don Pittman.

I was a nervous rookie at the PJ telemarketing department. I had never picked up a phone to sell an appointment my whole life. In fact, I had never sold anything as a job my whole life. Don was the one who got saddled with the rookie all day, and helped me to learn the ropes.

It would be difficult for me to talk about Don and not include how I knew him as a co-worker. In the time I grew to know Don, I found him to be a positive force in my workplace. You could always bounce a joke off of Don. You could always laugh off bad calls with Don. You could always crack a smile with Don. There was good comraderie when Don was in the room. And the thing was, I remember how he used to put energy into his work when others had run out of steam. I remember how he used to think seriously about his work, how much he enjoyed sales and marketing. 

I would be remiss to only talk about Don’s work qualities, though. He was more than a fun co-worker. He was a sincere Christian, with whom I had several conversations about our mutual faith, as well as our life experiences in the faith. Don was a positive and proactive thinker. He did not indulge in grumbling, nor was he fluent in the language of negativity. It was not his habit to be ungrateful, but to thank God for what he had. He held a profound love of his family. 

It would be all too easy to say that the world is poorer for having lost Don. But I know Don wouldn’t want us to say or believe that, because Don was always positive and hopeful. So I’m not going to say that. What I’m going to say is that Don Pittman came into this world and made us all the richer for it. What I’m going to say is that Don invested in us the good things in himself- his work, his love, his hope, his faith, his humor and his determination. Don is missed terribly, and that’s a fact. And the reason why is because of the amazing, wonderful child of God that he was. 

I thank Don for giving the world what only he could give. And I thank God for giving us Don while we had him.

I pray that the peace and comfort of Christ would rest on everyone who knew him, especially his family. 

David Hynes, a co-worker.

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