Can You Paint Roof Shingles?

Posted on July 14, 2021 in Roof Repair

Can You Paint Roof Shingles

If your shingles are looking shabby, you may be wondering “Can you paint roof shingles?” The answer isn’t simple or straightforward. While you can paint roof shingles, many home improvement experts, including the pros at PJ Fitzpatrick who are amongst the most trusted in the Delaware Valley, advise against it. However, if you are determined to paint your shingles, here are a few tips for doing it right.

First, you need to purchase paint that is 100% acrylic latex. The paint should produce a flat finish when it’s dry. Since your roof will be exposed to heat and moisture, you should pick a paint that is formulated to resist mildew and yellowing. Damaged shingles should be replaced before you begin painting your roof. Prime the roof and then apply two coats of paint to ensure maximum coverage. Learn more about why our pros say replacing your shingles is the better route to take. Reach out to us today to request a roof replacement estimate.

Why Replacing Asphalt Shingles is Better Than Painting Them

Painting asphalt shingles is not a long-term solution. Asphalt granules break off over time, and the paint comes off with them. On top of that issue, your roof is regularly exposed to heat, cold, rain, snow, ice, and wind. All of these things eat away at paint quickly, so keeping your roof’s paint job in pristine condition requires a lot of time, money, and hassle. While painting your asphalt shingles may provide a short-term fix, it’s not the best way to repair an aging roof if you are looking for a real solution.

Want to Replace Your Shingles? Get Help from Expert Roofers

If you live in the Delaware Valley, the home improvement contractors at PJ Fitzpatrick can replace your asphalt shingles and make your roof look as good as new. Whether you need a few repairs or an entire roof replacement, you can trust PJ Fitzpatrick to make your home safe, functional, and beautiful again. Here are a few reasons why we are the best choice for the job when it comes to roof repair and replacement services in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania:

Expert RoofersFully Trained Service Department

PJ Fitzpatrick has a well-trained service department dedicated to roofing issues in Delaware Valley. No other home repair company has a service department like ours. Our service area sees a lot of roof damage from heavy rain, wind, and snow, so we put together a team of experts that can get our customers the best help when they need it most.

Dedicated Team of Roof Specialist on Staff

PJ Fitzpatrick has a dedicated team of roof repair specialists who work for us full-time. These are not subcontractors, unlike other companies! Whether your issues are caused by leaks, damaged shingles, wind damage, or rotting wood, our roofers will determine what’s wrong, will discuss the repair process and price with you, and proceed with the updates to ensure your home is fixed the first time around. You’ll be experiencing peace of mind and additional curb appeal in no time.

Don’t Paint Your Roof Singles, Get Help From PJ Fitzpatrick

We made 13,318 repairs and served 9,862 customers last year. Our roofing specialists are trained to do every job according to PJ Fitzpatrick standards, and they have a wealth of experience to draw from. When it comes to painting your roof shingles, skip the DIY job and let the experts at PJ Fitzpatrick provide a lasting solution.

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