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Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning Prevents Costly Damage

Dark streaks on your roof are not just surface dirt. The stains arise from the growth of algae or bacteria. The organisms feed on shingle material and make the roof vulnerable to the elements. Water then penetrates to the sub-roof and forces you to replace the roof years ahead of schedule. Roof cleaning will remove the harmful moss, lichen, or microscopic invaders that are breaking down your shingles.

The professionals at PJ Fitzpatrick can provide essential roof maintenance at affordable rates. We apply a non-chlorine cleaning solution that addresses both surface organisms and their roots that are damaging shingles. When you make an appointment with us, a specialist will visit your property and evaluate the sources of the stains on your roof. You’ll get up-front pricing for cleaning services that will halt damage and restore your roof’s appearance.

Don’t Ignore a Growing Problem

A few stains or patches of lichen or moss might not seem alarming at first. The problem, however, will only worsen with time. Without intervention, the microorganisms will reproduce and flourish. Moss soaks up water and forces open crevices between the shingles. Lichen send roots through the shingles and almost guarantees that water will start to ruin the roof deck. This type of roof damage adds to the cost of a roof replacement because new decking will need to be installed along with the shingles.

When a crew from PJ Fitz cleans your roof, we pledge that our revolutionary cleaning system will completely satisfy you. We’ve been in business since 1980, and we’re qualified to perform all maintenance tasks for residential roofs.

Safe Roof Cleaning by Experts

If you’re tempted to take care of the problem yourself with a pressure washer, you might do more damage than good. A regular pressure washer could blast away shingle granules and hasten the demise of the roof.

At PJ Fitz, we use low-pressure stain removal equipment. In our knowledgeable hands, the special equipment gently removes the offending materials that have been treated with cleaner. This process does not harm the shingles. We’re also comfortable working on roofs. We have the ladders and safety gear necessary to access high places and complete projects promptly. With our roof cleaning service, you won’t have to break a sweat on a sloped roof. To schedule this vital preventative maintenance for your roof, contact us today.

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