Is Your Roof Healthy?

Posted on October 12, 2017 in Roof Repair

At our roofing repair company, we recommend checking your roof at least once a year. By inspecting its condition, you can usually plan ahead for any roof repair work that may be needed. You can do this by standing outside with a pair of binoculars – we do not recommend getting up on the roof yourself!

Signs of Needed Roofing Repair:

  • Damaged Shingles. If your shingles are cracked, loose, curled, or missing, they have reached the end of their life and can’t protect your home as well as they should.
  • Changes in Energy Costs. Pay attention to your energy bill. If you notice that you’re paying more than usual, your roof could have a leak and could be letting in cold air during the winter or warm air during the summer.
  • Interior Water Damage.  If you notice stains on your ceiling or walls or if your ceiling is sagging, your roof could be leaking. (This could also be due to damaged or a lack of insulation.) Usually by the time you notice a leak, your roof is already on its way to extensive damage.
  • Missing Granules. The granules on your shingles are what help protect them from the weather. If you find that they’re missing a significant amount of granules (you’ll usually find them in your gutters), you may need to replace them.
  • Algae/Mold Growth. If algae or mold growth isn’t taken care of, it can spread. Algae and mold both hold moisture and over time, moisture can break down the integrity of your roof and affect the underlayment if untreated.
  • Overflowing Gutters. Be on the lookout for gutters that overflow and wash out mulch beds or water that collects near your foundation. Both of these situations indicate a roof or gutter problem.
  • Damaged or Missing Flashing. Flashing is used when something joins your roof, such as a chimney or wall. If the flashing is damaged, water can easily penetrate.
  • Loose or Exposed Nails. Loose nails and exposed nails can both cause open holes and allow water to flow into your structure.

If you’ve noticed any of these signs, let our roofing repair experts help you get your roof back to looking great and sustaining the elements. If most of your roof is in good condition, only a small repair may be needed. However, if your roof is older than 20 years or there are signs that it’s in bad shape, replacement might be the best choice.

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