Roof Moss and Algae: 101

Posted on May 10, 2017 in Roof Repair

What to Know, from Our Roofing Experts

If you’ve ever seen green, brown, or black streaks on your roof, it could be moss growth or algae growth and while it may seem harmless, these growths should be removed as soon as possible to prevent future damage to your shingles. Here, our roofing experts explain why the growth occurs, how to prevent it, and more:

How Does It Happen?

Both moss and algae love damp conditions and can often be found in places like ponds, on trees, between pavers, underneath stones, and even on your roof. Because they love such damp conditions, shaded areas of your roof may be open to moss or algae growth. When an area is shaded, it can easily to hold onto moisture and therefore, encourage growth. Once moss or algae starts to grow, its spores can be spread through wind, which means it can easily spread across your (or even to a neighbor’s) rooftop.

Effects of Moss and Algae

When a roofing shingle is covered in moss or algae, it’s constantly exposed to moisture and can slowly loses its rigidity and strength. It may take awhile but over time, these growths can compromise the integrity of your shingles and can force you to prematurely replace them.

How to Prevent It

There are a few things you can do to prevent the growth of moss and algae. If you have trees that shade parts of your roofing system, trim back some of their branches to allow more sunlight to reach the area. In addition, make sure your gutters are clean so that they can promote water drainage off of the roof.

Roof Cleaning

We know how unsightly moss and algae growth can be on your roof, so if you do discover it, give our roofing experts a call. We offer roof cleanings that can get rid of your problem and restore your roof to its original look and strength. Don’t hesitate to call us – your moss or algae problem could cause even bigger problems if left unattended.

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