What To Do About Roof Hail Damage

Posted on September 15, 2021 in Roof Inspection, Roof Repair

Repair Roof Hail Damage

When severe storms hit, there is often the potential for hail. Whether the hail is large or small it can cause damage to your roof. It is always a good idea to check your home immediately after any severe storm to make sure its protective shielding is intact. Your roof, siding, gutters, and even windows can suffer damage that if undetected, could cause more serious issues with your home. We always recommend speaking to a roofing professional, like the experts at PJ Fitzpatrick who are the most trusted in the Delaware Valley, when trying to determine what to do about roof hail damage.

Inspect Your Roof for Hail Damage

While some damage can be seen from the street you may need a ladder to get a better view of your roof and gutters. When deciding what to do about roof hail damage, please do not climb onto your roof. While it may seem like a simple thing to do if there is severe damage you run the risk of causing more harm to your roof and even worse, falling and injuring yourself. The roofers at PJ Fitzpatrick can perform an inspection of your gutters, shingles, flashing, and more. They will look for dents and soft areas on your roof that could indicate a weakened roofing system.

Make Sure Your Gutters Are OK

If your shingles are weakened or loose, they could come off in the wind and leave your home open to water infiltration. The granules can also fill up your gutters causing a clog that can lead to your gutters pulling away from your home. You can often spot a clog during even a light rain if you notice very little water coming out of your downspouts. You may also see water overflowing over the edge of your gutters. It’s important to make sure your gutters were not affected by the hail damage so they can properly usher water away from your property.

Roof Hail Damage Insurance ClaimFile a Roofing Insurance Claim

If the hailstorm was severe it may be a good idea to file a claim with your homeowner’s insurance to see if they will cover a roof replacement. The roofing experts at PJ Fitzpatrick can work with your insurance adjuster to help determine whether small repairs or a complete roof replacement is necessary.

Contact the Reliable Roofers at PJ Fitzpatrick To Discuss Your Roof Hail Damage

We have been protecting homes in the Delaware Valley for over 40 years. We know everything there is to know about residential roofing. We’ve weathered countless storms and know exactly what to do about roof hail damage. Trust the roofing experts to keep you and your family safe so you can stay protected from the elements. Contact us today to schedule your roof inspection.

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