A New Way to Keep Your Roof Cool?

Posted on June 10, 2015 in Roofing Installation

Our Pennsylvania roofing company recently found an interesting article from Society for Science that talks about an 18-year-old’s clever idea for keeping your home’s roofing cool in order to save on cooling costs…

In the summertime, roofing shingles can reach temperatures of more than 150 degrees Fahrenheit – especially if they’re dark in color. Since roofing shingles absorb heat, it means that your home underneath is subjected to high temperatures and will need more energy from your air conditioner to cool down.

South Carolina student Jesseca Kusher has come up a way to keep roofing shingles cooler and therefore keep your home cooler: a shingle coating. This thin coating helps shingles reflect the sunlight instead of absorb it in order to stay cooler. And with cooler shingles, you’ll have a cooler home and lower energy bills.

Kusher experimented with several different coatings including graphite, gypsum, and mica. She painted the different coatings onto different colored shingles and after they were dry, she heated them (along with plain, unpainted shingles) up under a sun lamp until they were at least 164 degrees F. After measuring the heat emitted by each shingle, Kusher concluded that the shingles coated with mica were the coolest (only about 137 degrees) while the ones coated with graphite and gypsum were around 145 degrees.

In addition to keeping roofing shingles cooler, this new coating could also keep urban air cooler. Cooler air could help counter the heat that radiates from buildings, cars, and machines in the summer time as well as lower ozone production.

If Kusher’s invention gets some funding, we may see a new way for homeowners to keep their homes cooler in the future.

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