Don’t Fall for These 4 Roofing Scams

Posted on August 27, 2015 in Roofing Installation

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Your roof is what keeps you and your family safe, and repairing or replacing it can be a big project for your home. With that said, you don’t want to trust just anyone to work on your roof – you want the best in the industry and a company you can hire with confidence.

Many homeowners don’t know the ins and outs of the roofing business and because of this, there are companies that aim to take advantage of them. Here are some of the most popular roofing scams out there and how to avoid them:

Bad Weather Claim

Sometimes after a big storm, roofing companies will place flyers on your doorknob or in your mailbox with their business information on them. They’ll usually tell you that your roof has been damaged in the recent wind, rain, or hail storm and that it needs to be repaired. Before you agree to use them, do some inspecting yourself (is there hail damage to other parts of your yard or neighbors’ roofs?) and get a second opinion from a different roofing company. They may just want you to repair something that doesn’t actually need repaired.

A Down Payment for Nothing

Another common roofing scam is when a roofing company gives you a quote to replace or repair your roof, but asks for a sizeable or significant down payment before they begin working. Sometimes this down payment will be for “labor” or to “buy materials,” but after you give it to them, they’ll never come back and do the work they were supposed to. Instead, they’ll simply take your down payment and run. Our Pennsylvania roofing company suggests not handing over a sizeable or significant down payment until work has begun or until supplies have at least been delivered.

Free “Inspection”

These scams are usually a door-to-door affair. You may find a roofing salesman at your door one day offering a free roofing inspection. (Like the first scam, this will usually happen after a storm has hit the area.) If you agree, the roofing contractor may take a climb up to your roof and rip off a few shingles to mimic wind damage. They may also show you photos of another home with roofing damage and claim it’s your own. Before you agree to any roofing work, get a second opinion and talk to your insurance company.

Lack of Insurance and License

While not necessarily a scam, a lack of insurance can be a big problem for homeowners. Say you find a roofing company that works locally, has several years of experience, and is offering you a good deal to repair or replace your roof (all good things). Before you say yes, ask to see the company’s “Certificate of Insurance” and business license. If the company can’t provide you with them, you don’t want to hire them. Without insurance, you become responsible for any damage caused by the workers or any injuries that may occur, and without a license, they are not permitted to even do business or pay taxes in your area.

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