How Much Value Does a New Roof Add to Your House?

Posted on September 7, 2022 in Roofing Installation

New Roof

Did you know your roof directly affects the value of your home? If your roof is damaged, leaking, or unsightly, it can lower the overall value of your home by reducing safety, efficiency, and curb appeal. If you need a new roof, PJ Fitzpatrick is the go-to roof repair and replacement contractor in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and Maryland. So how much value does a new roof add to your house? Read these points to find out.

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Your roof has several primary functions. It enhances the appearance of your home, aids in heating and cooling, and protects the interior of your home from the elements. If your roof fails to perform any of these functions, it may be time to have it replaced. When you get a new roof, you can sell your home at a higher price because it will be able to perform all the necessary functions.

How A New Roof Directly Benefits Your Home

How much value does a new roof add to your house? This is a question many homeowners ask when they are planning to sell. However, a new roof can be just as valuable if you have no plans to sell your home. Reduced energy costs and increased comfort are just two reasons why getting a new roof is beneficial. Asphalt shingles are designed to lower your roof’s temperature. This puts less strain on your HVAC system in the hot summer months, lowering your energy bill and increasing the comfort inside your home.

A New Roof Offers Value Now and Later

Your new roof will provide value now and later. When your new roof is finished, you get the instant gratification of increased curb appeal and added beauty to your home. As time goes on, you’ll see lower energy bills and have peace of mind during storms. Your home will look great, feel comfortable inside, and be protected from bad weather.

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If you want to add value to your home by increasing curb appeal, maximizing efficiency, and protecting your house from weather, a new roof is a home improvement project you shouldn’t put off. Whether you are keeping your home or looking to sell, you can enjoy the benefits that come with a new roof. Contact PJ Fitzpatrick today to get a roofing replacement estimate.

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