When to Replace Your Flat Roof

Posted on December 7, 2010 in Roofing Installation

Flat roofs have specific compositions that are different from that of a peaked roof.  Flat roofs are durable and long lasting, but they need to be repaired and renovated from time to time just like any other type of roof.

Commonly, flat roofs are of the following types:

Single-ply membrane – This type uses a versatile material that can waterproof your roof with the help of a single layer only.

Roll asphalt – Organic base felt or fiberglass is saturated with asphalt. This is applied over the base roof felt.

Built-up Membrane – Several layers of coated roof felts are used with bitumen in between the layers.  This type of flat roof usually lasts up to 30 years.

Flat seam metal – Made from small pieces of sheet metal.  The metal bits are soldered together to form a flat base.  Lead-coated copper or galvanized metal are usually used in this type.

How do you know when your flat roof needs repair?

Flat roofs usually do not require as much attention as other types of roofs, but they do need some occasional attention to maintain the best quality.  Here are some tell-tale signs that your flat roof needs some care:

  • Lots of leaks and holes have developed on the roof.
  • The top coating is blown off by wind over years resulting into the exposure of the undercoat.
  • The vapor barrier has been infiltrated.
  • Large roof panels are coming apart and there is no scope for putting back together.

PJ Fitzpatrick, Inc. provides flat roofing repair services to keep your home dry, safe and looking great.

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