3 Home Issues to Tackle Before Winter: Air Infiltration

Posted on November 2, 2016 in Seasonal Home Tips

Winter will be here before you know it, which means you should be taking steps now in order to protect your home. In this blog series, our Delaware Valley home improvement company has a few tips for how to prepare. 

While you may not have noticed drafts in your home during the summertime, you’ll definitely notice them once the temperature outside begins to plummet. As cold air whips around outside, it’ll make its way indoors via the small cracks or holes in your doors and windows. Once you feel the chilly drafts, you’ll likely turn your heat up to make up for them. As we all know, more heat means more money, so don’t let air infiltration cost you more this winter.

One way to seek out drafty areas is with a heat gauge – a tool you can easily find at your local home improvement store. Use the heat gauge to scan your exterior doors and windows (especially the areas in between the door and the frame and the area where the two window frames meet). If you discover that the temperature in these areas is more than 20 degrees lower than your wall temperature, consider a repair from our door and window experts.

Make an appointment with us and one of our specialists will fix your air infiltration problem with weatherstripping, sealant, or even a door or window replacement, depending on how bad your drafts are. We’ll also check your recessed lighting, outlets and fixtures, and the area around your attic entrance to make sure there’s enough insulation.

Don’t let cold drafts ruin your home’s energy efficiency. Talk to our experts today.

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